2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing

Stay warmer and look better this winter with these five fashion upgrades for guys.

By Nick Nadel

Freemans Sporting Club – Isle of Man ($489)
We know what you’re thinking: why pay almost $500 for this jacket when you could use it to buy a Xbox One or, say, 50 copies of Paul Reiser’s Babyhood for your Kindle? Well, will an Xbox One keep you warm with its 8.5 oz wax cotton shell? Lot of good the Xbox’s breakthrough voice activation commands will be when you’re caught in a snowstorm. Also, you can tell people you got it while vacationing on the actual Isle of Man instead of while surfing online in your Batman boxers.

Timberland Men’s Merino Wool V-Neck ($98)
Available in three colors, Timberland’s woolly take on the classic V-neck sweater guarantees to keep you warm. Basically, Merino wool is a type of “moisture-wicking” material that’s machine-washable, and while lots of other dudes are busy shaking in their boots, er, paper-insulated sweaters, you’ll be riding in style and comfort.

Topo Designs – Chambray Shirt ($119)
It’s subtle, stylish, and best of all, American-made. The bad part: It’s $120, but who cares, this one’s on Santa! Crafted in Colorado and made from 100 percent cotton chambray, this shirt is versatile enough to wear on any occasion while still retaining your individuality. It’s a little bit western, none-a-bit “hickish.”

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