2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Grooming

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GroomingPanasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver ($130)
A great razor for a guy looking to start dabbling in the world of electric shaving, the Panasonic 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver gives a remarkably close shave and is super easy on the skin. The razor has two different power levels; one that senses how long your whiskers are and adjusts itself accordingly, and another for plain old maximum power. It can be used wet or dry … in fact, they even suggest taking it in the shower; let us know how that works out!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GroomingSix Brew Bar Pack from Red Beard Brew Bars ($93.00)
Soap made from beer? Can it be true? This sampler comes with six unique bars of soap with scents like Peppermint Porter, Hard Mulled Cider and Woodsman’s IPA, all in a hand-crafted wood case, and made in the back of a house by a hard-core Iraq War veteran that looks as badass as you’d expect.

Got sensitive skin? Apparently beer hops are naturally soothing. The bars are chemical free and contain tons of essential oils and amino acids; we have no idea what those do to your skin but they sound real healthy. And no, you won’t smell like an alcoholic. Just delicious.