Best Cleaning Gadgets On Earth

Best Cleaning Gadgets for GuysYou want to keep your place clean. You really do. But life keeps getting in the way. Dates, work, games, travel – who has time for vacuuming?

People who don’t work, play, travel and woo sweet, sweet ladies as hard as you do, that’s who.

If you can afford it, hire a cleaning service. The money spent is well worth the joy of seeing your place clean once a week/month. For those of you a little light on funds, the genius of bizarre, modern technology saves the day.

Your childhood dream of snagging a robot buddy to fight grime with is within reach.

Top-rated Vacuums

Few guys make heavy vacuuming a priority during the work week — or during weekend relaxation. Or ever, for that matter.

Standing up, running a loud and seemingly useless suction machine barely capable of clearing scraps is certainly a challenge. Unfortunately it’s an entirely necessary one — something you’re supposed to do twice weekly.

Why? It helps keep allergens to a mimimum, which is better for your air quality and sinuses.

The upright Dyson DC25 Blueprint is the BMW of vacuums, designed to trap microscopic allergens, spin the air at ultimate speed and pressure the dust and dirt into its place without use of a complicated bag.

Dyson’s upright DC25 Animal is another worthy alternative, capable of thoroughly cleaning stairs, crevices, carpet corners and couches with a mini-turbine head. (Admit it. You’ve always wanted to own something with a turbine head.)

For those of us insistent on cleaning but absolutely bereft of time to do it, the iRobot Roomba (pictured) is a time-saving robot built solely to clean. The 16-3/4 by 21-1/2 inch disk uses hypersensitive dirt detection and infrared cliff sensors to locate undesirables from floor surfaces by spinning in two-hour cycles. So basically it’s the Terminator of vacuums.

All that’s required of the owner is to push a setting on a remote control, set the Roomba free on a filthy floor area and then remove the easy-to-empty debris bin.

Oh, and don’t let it link to Skynet. Never let it link to Skynet.

Windshield Wiper Mirror

No more letting gunk and grime and vapor build up on mirror surfaces, only to be smeared over with damp cloths that spread the smudges and water around. Available in two sizes, this chromed windshield wiper smoothes its corresponding mirror surface with a single swipe.

iRobot Looj

The iRobot Looj not only makes a great gift for dad, it makes a nice tool for son as well, as you’re usually the guy they call when they need their gutters cleaned.

Instead of risking serious injury from constant ladder readjustment, you place the iRobot Looj in a gutter and set off to go, charging along on its own.

Verro Pool Cleaner

This lawnmower-sized pool-cleaning device improves pool water’s chemical mix and temperature circulation, and removes leaves, hair, sand, algae and bacteria as small as two microns. The iRobot Verro insures a longer lifespan for your pool’s filtration system, not to mention an easier life for you.

Sonic Wave Ultrasonic Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner

If your sunglasses are always covered in some mysterious goo, park them in the Sonic Wave automatic cleaner. Simply fill the stainless steal chamber with water, and remove your clean, untarnished items three minutes later.

Air Purifier

If you’ve got constant sinus trouble (and aren’t a huge fan of, uh, dusting or vacuuming), iQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner is for you. Click it on and allergens and dust are cleared from the air in your place. And that white noise it makes? Better than Ambien.

Cyber Clean

We know. Eating Doritos while you cleaned out your email inbox sounded like a good idea. But now your keyboard is awash in orange triangle bit

For such small, hard-to-reach areas, the Cyber Clean comes to the rescue. With the appearance of a sponge-in-a-jar, the Cyber Clean is rolled against the user’s palms, then pushed and pulled lightly against a surface. It picks up all surrounding dirt.