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What’s The Best Way To Keep Your Balls Dry?

Which drugstore product does the best job of preventing your crotch from getting swamped? One intrepid writer tested a bunch to find out.

By Matt Christensen

best way to keep your balls dry

If your balls get sweaty while you’re pumping iron at the gym or fleeing hungry sea monsters in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, that’s okay. But if you’re sitting at your desk in the office or, worse, sitting on your couch next to a date, you do not want a swampy crotch. So you need to treat your nuts with the same respect you do your pits. But what’s the best method of doing that?

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I’m going to tell you. My sweaty acorns and I tested six ball-conditioning agents to see how they stack up in terms of ease of use, price, and, most importantly, how it made my balls feel overall. I used a scale of 1-10 for various categories; one meaning the product was a bust (or a ball-buster, if you will). And 10, meaning that it’ll make your coins feel sparkly-fresh inside of their purse.

The Best Way To Keep Your Balls Dry baby powderBABY POWDER ($15 for a 2 pack at Amazon.com)

I found there was one big problem with baby-powdering my balls: I was left with a chalky residue in my thong underwear. It was a mess to clean up, and created an even bigger mess when I needed to explain it to a woman who expressed … displeasure upon seeing it.

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The powder did dry moisture well, which makes sense; it’s essentially just talc, the same stuff gymnasts and power lifters use on their hands before competing. But as noted, it got all clumpy and using it while wearing dark clothing proved impossible; I always seemed to have white streaks on anything dark I wore.

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As the cheapest of my ball-freshening options ($4 for 22 oz. bottle), the price remains the only real standout quality of baby powder.

Ease of use: 3
Price: 10

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