Balding? 5 Grooming Products For Thinning Hair

Grooming Products for Balding Men

More than 35 million guys in the United States experience hair loss. If you’re one of them, you have a few options as to how you can address your thinning hair situation:

1) Tear up as clumps leap from your head in the shower

2) Sport a wig and risk looking like a Muppet

3) Undergo budget-busting hair restoration surgery

4) Pull a Walter White and shave your head

None of those seem appealing? The last option is to spend a little cash on grooming products that might reverse the hair-loss caused by your cursed genetics. By doing so, you might be able to keep whatever hair is left on that balding head of yours. Or at the very least, shape it so you don’t look like a sloppy Troll doll with bald spots.

5 Grooming Products for Balding Men braun shaverBRAUN COOLTEC SHAVER ($135 @

All guys should own a quality electric razor. But if your hair is thinning, you’ll need it for more than trimming your bear or lip tickler. Whether you’re looking to shave your head or tidy up, Braun’s CoolTec Men’s Shaving System 1 kit has you covered. With active cooling technology, a 3-stage cutting system, and the company’s SensoBlade technology it’ll provide a close shave that takes good care of your skin or head.

Grooming Products for Balding Men provilliusPROVILLUS ($39 @

Provillus won’t prevent baldness, but it can slow it down where people see it most — at the top of the scalp. The formula was engineered to block a hormonal byproduct called DHT, which is thought to be responsible for a majority of hair-loss cases. It’s a topical spray available without a prescription, and it’s economical and based off of an FDA-approved ingredient called Minoxidil. Many users start seeing results in less than a month.