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6 Cool Coloring Books For Guys — That’s Right, Coloring Books

We don’t judge, so if you want to pick yourself up an adult coloring book, go for it. And why not? You deserve to pamper yourself by showing the world you’re capable of coloring within the lines. However, we’re thinking they make better gifts for specific people. Also: 9 Things For Back To The Future Fans… Read more »


Our 11 All-Time Favorite Bunnies

The Easter Bunny is fine, but we prefer bunnies with more interesting hobbies. Like sleeping with hot actresses, mocking idiots, and becoming undead.


Study: There Are Too Many Damn Studies

Too many studies are producing too much info to keep tabs on. And when eggheads complain there is too much info, you know it’s an issue.


8 Disturbing Christmas Characters

After reading about these Christmas demons, racists, trolls, and old crones we bet you’ll leave an extra cookie or two for Santa.


12 Totally Demented Christmas Songs

You know all those Christmas songs about peace, love, and goofy reindeer? Turns out they’re actually about murder, blackmail, and terrorism!