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For Your Pad: A Vintage Arcade Skeeball Machine

This skeeball machine will spruce up your pad and enable you to dominate inept children next time your girlfriend leaves you at the mall arcade.

By Jack Hart

Vintage Arcade Skee Ball Machine

If you’ve got kids you want to distract, or you’re in the market for something new to stick between your Zoltar and Arkeg machines, how about this Classic Skee Ball Machine ($5,600)? Sure it costs as much as a used car — but just imagine how many tickets you’ll collect the next time your girlfriend drops you off at the mall arcade!

The vintage machine comes with an oak exterior, an authentic flip-style scoring display, and pull-handle activation lever. It’s a single-ball system that also has a front net so jerks can’t try to go all LeBron for the 50-point hole. Each set comes with five balls (heh heh).