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Can You Train Your Brain to Be Smarter?

Some people claim brain-teasers, Suduko, crossword puzzles, and other mentally stimulating activities make you smarter. We were smart enough to ask a doctor if that’s true.


8 Awesome Pairs Of Running Shoes For Men

Sorry, Prefontaine — your running shoes may be all wrong for your running style. Luckily, we can tell you how to find the best running shoes for you.

how to look better with your shirt off

How To Look Better With Your Shirt Off

If you eat healthy and do this workout program three times per week, you won’t need to worry about your gut and moobs when you hit the beach this summer.

how to stop aging

How To Stop Aging (Without Awful Surgery)

You don’t need a contract with Satan — or a plastic surgeon — to look like you’ve stopped getting older. You just need these celebrity-approved tips.

the proper way to wash your hands

The Best Natural Hand Soaps For Men

Washing your hands with the best natural soap can leave them feeling soft and smelling clean. Oh yeah, and they’ll keep your paws germ-free.