How To Stop Biting Your Nails

Your fingernails are riddled with germs that get transferred directly into your mouth when you bite them. Yes, it’s as filthy as it sounds.

How To Cure Hiccups

How To Cure Hiccups

The only thing more annoying than hiccuping is listening to someone hiccuping. So for everyone’s sake, remember these 8 cures.


How Your Cat’s Purr Can Benefit Your Health

Cat’s purr for a lot of reasons, not just because he loves your gross hands wiping germs in his fur. But whatever your cat’s purring about, it’s helping your health.


How To Stop Sweating Down There

We all know what SWASS is, but we’re talking about SWNUTS here. If you’re someone who experiences excessive groin sweat, these products can help you handle the moisture.