How To Tell If She’s Faking It

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How To Tell If She's Faking It I'm no actress. In fact, I'm so bad at acting that I played "Non-Speaking Tree" in pretty much every school play in which I was cast. And yet even I can gasp and sputter a very convincing “I’m coming!’” like nobody's business. And apparently I’m not alone. A national sex study by Indiana University shows that while 85 percent of men say that their latest sexual partner had an orgasm, only 64 percent of women say they climaxed the last time they had sex. I’m almost as bad at math as I am at acting, but it sounds to me like 21 percent of the women surveyed are faking fakers — and that 21 percent of the guys totally fell for it. Assuming you don’t want to be one of the suckers who has no idea whether or not he’s really pleasing a woman, check out these five telltale signs that her orgasm is scripted.

1. She's Making Sense

Let's put it this way: “That feels so good, don’t stop” is what a woman says when you’re rubbing her feet after she's endured a long day in heels. “That … ohmi … keep … don’ t … yes, there, holy …” is what a woman says when you're doing an excellent job in the sack. Stringing together a coherent sentence is nearly impossible when the Big O is on the horizon. And if her moans and groans sound like the moans and groans in the porn you watch — perfectly synchronized with your every thrust — your fake orgasm radar should be on high alert. That’s because women in porn are acting. Real women do not orgasm from being mercilessly pounded over and over again with little to no clitoral stimulation.