Why Women Find Eco-Conscious Men More Attractive

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An interesting study found that women find eco-conscious men more attractive. The Green Mate Appeal study found that pro-green options are a sign of commitment in men. Though not surprising, women are more likely to be committed and passionate about saving the environment. Unlike men, a recent study found that 71% of women live ethically.

This includes a commitment to simple eco-friendly habits, like reusing and recycling, which men are less likely to adhere to. Other eco-friendly practices that men seriously lack awareness of include water conservation, stormwater compliance, and composting waste food.

According to the Psychology and Marketing study, being eco-conscious is a trait mostly associated with femininity. Eco-friendly men most likely have feminine characteristics, such as high commitment and altruism, making them attractive to women looking for long-term partners.

Why Do Men Resist Green Behaviors?

Unfortunately, women surpassed men in environmental actions long ago. Women from all countries and of all ages generally live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Unlike men, women recycle more, litter less, and leave a minimal carbon footprint. While there’s no exact reason behind this, some studies have suggested personality differences, primarily women’s preference for altruism, as the cause of this gender gap.

However, apart from individual altruism, men most likely shun eco-friendly behavior because of masculinity. The notion that men don’t care about the environment isn’t true. Eco-friendly behaviors are highly considered feminine, which doesn’t look good for men. A study found a close psychological link between feminine perceptions and eco-friendliness.

Surprisingly, participants in the study described individuals who brought reusable bags to grocery stores as more feminine than those who used plastic bags. Men eschew green behaviors and products to avoid feeling feminine. That aside, respondents think they are more feminine whenever they do something positive for the environment.

Why Should Men Embrace Eco-Friendly Living?

Embracing environmentally friendly practices is beneficial in two main ways.

Environmental benefits

An eco-friendly lifestyle is beneficial to the environment in the following ways:

● Reduces plastic waste

The volume of plastic waste surpassed the previously estimated volume of 1.37 pounds in 2020. Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle significantly lessens plastic waste in many ways. For instance, switching to cotton sacks or paper bags can reduce landfill waste from plastic shopping bags. Reusing bottles and containers and avoiding frozen food to minimize plastic bag use saves the environment from harmful toxins and protects wildlife.

● Reduces carbon footprint

There are endless contributors of the ever increasing carbon footprint, which are the reasons behind human-caused climate change. Embracing eco-friendly options, such as using electric cars, energy efficiency, and minimizing food wastage, significantly reduces carbon footprint.

● Less water waste

Water is an important element in human survival. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle makes men conscious of water consumption. Fixing taps, reducing leakages, and using water consciously reduces water waste.

● Improves air quality

Poor air quality is the number one cause of respiratory problems and affects the quality of your life. Living in a community full of green spaces and embracing a green lifestyle reduces the level of atmospheric pollutants.

Psychological benefits

Apart from the environment, an eco-friendly lifestyle has the following psychological benefits for men:

● A coping mechanism to eco-anxiety

Men struggle with anxiety caused by stress, financial challenges, and everyday life. Eco-anxiety is a recent form of anxiety that is increasingly becoming prevalent among adults, referring to a chronic fear of alarming climatic changes. While climate changes are beyond your control, men can contribute to saving the environment by making eco-friendly choices. Instead of constantly worrying about the environment, making personal lifestyle changes can bring a change.

● Sense of accomplishment

Everyone should play their part in achieving environmental sustainability. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride in your efforts toward saving the environment.

● Accountability to future generations

Unfortunately, climatic conditions some years ago were way better than the current conditions. If ancestors had done something positive for the environment, the world would be better now. Men should think about the type of environment they want their kids and future generation to inherit. Small efforts can make a huge difference.

● Happiness and joy in simple living

Simple living, which includes adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, has psychological benefits. Living sustainably can improve mindfulness, self-awareness, and focus. It also gives your life a purpose and creates a positive outlook. Eating organic food, physical exercises, and embracing a natural-centric lifestyle is healthy.


Green consumption is a reliable sign of commitment and altruism, which ticks the important boxes for women looking for lifetime partners. However, beyond finding a partner, men should embrace green living for environmental and psychological benefits. Unfortunately, fighting the green-feminine stereotype, which inhibits men from making eco-friendly habits, isn’t easy. As such, Eco-pro organizations should consider marketing eco-friendly lifestyles in a men-friendly manner, such as using masculine colors, words, and fonts.