Lacoste Cologne: Smell Less Awful This Spring

We sampled three Lacoste colognes in hopes of finally finding a spring scent that’ll help us smell more attractive than a sweltering barnyard.

By Justin Krajeski


Lacoste colognes Blanc for Men, Powerful Blue, and Relaxed Green ($35-$40) will all help you smell less like bug spray and the meat sweats this spring. And that’s obviously a positive. Another perk: The minimalist bottles will look cool on your dresser.

We sampled all three scents, and here’s our take …

powerful blue lacostePowerful Blue is the sportiest scent of the three. It’s a fairly universal smell in that it’s not terribly, or immediately, identifiable. But the fact that it doesn’t try too hard to stick out actually makes the crisp, clean fragrance work. It’s not overpowering and lingers long after application. Notes include peppermint, grapefruit, sage, and patchouli.

blanc for menBlanc for Men is the breadwinner, in our opinion. So why’d we list it second? Man, quit asking such good questions. With hints of rosemary, cedar, leather, and suede the woodsy scent is refreshing and works well for casual outings to the bar with friends, a ballgame, or a strongman competition.

green lacosteIf you’re the ax-yielding, flannel-wearing outdoorsy-type, or if you’re a homebody who wants people to think he’s outdoorsy, Lacoste Relaxed Green will be right up your alley. You might not think so looking at the ingredients (Italian bergamot, grapefruit, melon, and lavender) but the combo paired with undertones of verbena, thyme, birch leaf, and fig provides a light, fresh scent that certainly won’t repulse any lumberjills. It may be the runt of the litter, but it still smells way better than your rank B.O. we’ve been suffering through all winter.

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