3 Cool Bags For Guys Who Need A Cool Bag


Nothing wrong with a guy who sports a beat-up Jansport backpack when he’s lugging books to and from class. But once school’s out for the summer and beyond, it’s a good idea to have a bag or two that’s reserved for specific activities.

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Why? For one, women notice these types of things. Your bag selection most likely won’t make or break her decision to have a drink or sleep with you — and if it does, head for the hills — but the more put together you are, the better you’ll come off. Second, organizing your life translates to less stress. So whether you’re commuting to work, jamming camera gear into a tiny and pocketless duffel, or you simply want a brand new gym or overnight bag, these are great options …

The Best Men's Bags For Guys Who Need Bags commuter bagThe OGIO International Ruck 22 ($55 @ Amazon.com) laptop bag has a spot reserved for everything — laptops up to 17 inches, phone and computer cords, wallet, water bottle, tablet, smartphone, and blaster pistol. It enables you to stay organized without having to worry you’ll forget something. It’s also hydration-ready, which paired with its durable material and lightweight construction (it’s two pounds when empty) makes it a good backpack for a day hike or fleeing from zombies post-apocalypse.

olberte bagThe Oliberte Gymano Bag ($300 @ Amazon.com) has plenty of room in its main compartment for shoes, undies, shirts, and Happy Meal toys. And a zipper pocket and four button pockets offer even more storage space. The premium leather supplies a sleek appearance while the 24-inch carrying strap allows for whatever adjustments you need when lugging to and fro your pad. It’s a great bag for overnights at your mistresses’ place, trips to the gym, or when you’re fleeing the country to evade taxes. The downside: it’s pricey.


The Best Men's Bags For Every Occasion photographersYou’ll be surprised as to how much camera equipment fits into the Python slimpack ($145 @ Amazon.com): 1-2 DSLRs, up to 4 mid-size lenses, 1 large zoom lens, tripod, plus a 10″ tablet or iPad (Air). It’s all you need to show up to the photo shoot, get your pics, and move on to hours of  torturous editing in Lightroom. The inside is padded and set up for adjustable configurations so you can maximize your storage options. The two outside zip pockets can house things like keys, USB cables, hard drives, notebooks, pens, and lens caps. Another cool feature is the shoulder pocket built into the strap that allow you to keep your smartphone or handheld camera accessible when the pack is being worn.

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