How To Organize Your Keys And Eliminate Faux Erections

keysmart pocket key organizer review

If there’s one thing worse than having a group of cumbersome keys jam into your leg while they’re being stashed in your pocket, it’s having a group of cumbersome keys make it seem as if you’ve popped a chub in front of strangers when you’re actually as flaccid as a wilted dandelion. Enter KeySmart ($18 @

KeySmart is a compact and pocket-sized device that operates like a Swiss Army knife for keys. The keys fold into the device instead of jingling around and moving all willy-nilly. Adding or removing keys is simple — grab a flathead screwdriver and unscrew both screws, add/remove the desired keys, and you’re done. You also have the option of customizing it with a USB flash drive, bottle opener, pocket clip, lanyard, and quick retract for extra costs.

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We had the OG model. Overall, we dug it. However, we did have a few small issues. Their website says you can fit between 2-4 keys onto it without using their expansion pack. We had trouble fitting more than two keys. Another problem we ran into was the size of the key loops; two of our keys had loops that were too small and wouldn’t fit the device. Granted, had we owned the KeySmart prior to getting our keys it wouldn’t be an issue — but we didn’t.

That said, the good still outweighs the bad. Made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware, KeySmart is handmade in the USA. So every time you purchase one a bald eagle sheds a tear and puffs on a cigar.