The Best Body Wash For Men

showercold_mmMaybe you’re tired of cleaning soap scum off your shower walls. Maybe your girlfriend has dropped a few hints that she’d like you to use a manly-smelling shower gel. Maybe you just wanna smell like the Old Spice guy, sans horse. If you’re looking to get rid of the soggy bar of soap that has been sitting in your shower for months, check out our guide to the best body wash for men.

irish spring boy wash#1. Irish Spring Signature Body Wash ($14 for 2 @
Keep your body moisturized all day long with this enriching body wash for men. Using authentic Shea butter extract, this advanced body wash invigorates the skin, making it supple and smooth throughout the day. Forget the irritation most body washes cause and choose Irish Spring.

natural body wash for men#2. Puracy 100% Natural Body Wash ($24 for two @

For ultra-smooth and hydrated skin, this body wash contains a luxurious blend of gentle cleansers and essential oils. The Pink Himalayan Sea Salt will buff away dead skin cells, unveiling soft, radiant skin, while plant and mineral-based ingredients help hydrate and balance your skin. After a long day, there’s no better way to feel refreshed.

>foot and body#3. Oleavine Foot and Body Soap ($17 @
After an intense workout at the gym, protect your body against various bacteria and fungal viruses with this top-of-the-line body wash. Made from purely organic ingredients, this natural cleanser helps replenish the skin with essential fatty acids and fights against bacteria using essential oils. This body wash is also recommended for those already suffering from bacterial diseases, body odor, and acne.

every man jack body wash#4. Every Man Jack Body Wash ($15 @
Nothing feels better on skin after a long day than this aromatic and extremely hydrating body wash for men. Remove dirt and grime effortlessly and replenish your skin with essential hydration. Your skin will thank you once the essential oils from the Eucalyptus and Spearmint plants sink into pores and expertly clean them out, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and hydrated.

axe phoenix body wash#5. Axe Phoenix ($6 @
Axe is looking to reinvent itself as more than a brand for frat boys. Smart. They’ve created their White Lable and AXE Hair, but their body wash has remained the same — a pleasant smelling formula that’s more affordable than  the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

best body wash for men, malinMALIN + GOETZ Peppermint Body Scrub ($30 @
If you’re looking for an exfoliating shower gel to get rid of rough patches,  MALIN + GOETZ Peppermint Body Scrub is a refreshing choice for the best body wash for men. Made with mint and bamboo with added pumice to buff your body, the scrub will leave you feeling tingly fresh. While it’s a little pricier, the recommended use is twice weekly so the 7.5 oz bottle should last you a while.

best body wash for men, neutrogena#6. Neutrogena’s Body Clear Body Scrub ($6 @
Bacne” (your back + acne) is never ideal, but the body wash you choose can help eradicate the problem. We like , which contains salicylic acid to fight acne and tiny microbeads which provide a rejuvenating exfoliation. The product also comes in a body wash without microbeads if you’re looking for something more gentle.