12 Great Candles For Any Guy’s Home

best candles for men

Best Candles For Guys

Along with setting the mood and providing a soothing ambiance — a good thing to shoot for when you have company over (read: a woman) — candles are a subtle way to eliminate odors from things like the smelly trash in your garbage bin, the smelly dishes in the sink, the smelly cat litter box in the corner of the room, and the smelly leftovers in your bathroom. You get the idea.

Use a spray and it’s an immediate sign that something in your home is stinky. Especially if it’s lingering in the bathroom when she’s rummaging around in your medicine cabinets, catching a whiff of flavored chemicals may clue her into the fact that burritos at lunch isn’t sitting well. What woman wants to bone when she’s picturing you … you get the idea.

Anyway, we’re fans of candles. And it’s not a bad idea to have multiple candles that stay in certain rooms (smaller ones for the bathroom, larger ones for the living room, etc.), but we get that some guys may want a universal candle for all occasions. Nothing wrong with that. All of the candles we’re suggesting will emit a pleasant odor, and some have even extra perks, like aromatherapy (which is probably a bullshit marketing term, but it sounds nice).

baxter of california candleBaxter of California Scented Candle ($55 @ Amazon.com)

The latest offerings from Baxter of California includes Smoke Ash, Sweet Ash, and Wood Ash candles. They’re more of a woodsy scent (not a smoke-filled bar type of aroma, which the name might imply). However, you  can’t go wrong with anything from their Noir series or White Wood Number Three, either.



eco soy wax candleSoy Wax Aromatherapy Candle ($11 @ Amazon.com)

Great for the bathroom or bedroom, the soy wax used in this eco-friendly candle is both sustainable and biodegradable. Free of toxins and harmful chemicals, you can use that as a side note when you cook dinner for a date. Lavender is known for its calming effects and promotes relaxation, so you can jokingly toss out a line asking her how cozy your apartment feels thanks to your eco-friendly wax candle. Or say nothing and let her bring it up. Either way …

meyers clean day candle Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candle ($9 @ Amazon.com)

With a fresh and clean scent that smells as fresh and clean as Mrs. Meyer’s delicious laundry sheets, her candles are equally as powerful but don’t overpower a room. Known for making earthy products, Mrs. Meyer’s products contain no harmful by-products or toxic chemicals, and feature a lead-free, cotton wick.