5 Of The Best $100 Sport Watches For Men

sport watches for men sony smart wathA crappy watch will die the first time it gets a little wet or banged around. But just because a watch is affordable (read: cheap) doesn’t mean it’s crappy. So, yeah, you can find yourself a solid sport watches that can get stomped on or dropped and keep on ticking.

Why a sports watch instead of relying on your smartphone? Style. A watch is about displaying who you are or fitting a need. In this case, you can be a sporty guy who digs a sporty look. Nothing wrong with that.  Here are a handful of cool options.

Pictured: #1: Sony Smart Watch ($105 @ Amazon.com)
Way more than a watch: sunlight readable, touch/swipe, water resistant, photo to watch via Bluetooth. Take calls, message friends, listen to music, check sports scores.


timex best sport watches for men#2. Made in the USA! USA! USA! The Timex Expedition Trail Series Digital Compass ($65 @ Amazon.com) was built for the trail. Whether you’re running, hiking, or hiding out due to the zombie apocalypse, the Indiglo light (with night mode) a digital compass will allow you to know your location. Other perks: it’s shock and water-resistant.