5 Cool, Classy, And Otherwise Badass Sport Watches For Men

Check out a variety of options before picking up a new sport watch. To help you narrow the field, we put together this brief guide to the best sport watches for men

By Jonathan Hackman

sport watches for men sony smart wathWatches are like shoes — you usually get what you pay for. A poor quality watch will die the first time it gets a little wet or banged around. Solid sport watches, however, can literally get run over by a car and keep right on ticking.

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Guys often prefer sport watches because of their extensive list of features. Besides taking a beating, they can function as stop watches and alarms, as well as display the normal time in a sporting fashion. We’ve put together this little list of the best sport watches for men at every price point — so even if you can’t spend half your week’s paycheck, you can still brandish your wrist with pride.


#1: Sony Smart Watch ($142 @ Amazon.com)
Way more than a watch: sunlight readable, touch/swipe, water resistant, photo to watch via Bluetooth. Take calls, message friends, listen to music, check sports scores.

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