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11 Funny Commercials For Bad Products

We’d probably be better off if these awful products didn’t exist. But their unintentionally hilarious commercials have made the world a much better place.


6 Things You Never Knew About Money

Even if you consider money the root of all evil, it’s a necessity. It’s also filthy and, at times, costs more than its worth. We’ll explain.

Old Spice Guy

The 7 Best TV Spokesmen Ever

How good are these TV pitchmen (and women)? They make 30-second commercials feel like they last a mere 20 seconds.


Yep, Rick Perry Is Still An Idiot

If you forgot how moronic Texas Governor Rick Perry could be, let him remind you with his quote relating homosexuality to alcoholism.


How To Smoke A Cigar (For Noobs)

Whether you’re smoking Cubans or Swishers, we’ll cover how to cut a cigar, light it, and smoke it without vomiting.