There’s No Way In Hell These People Ate What They’re Pretending To Eat

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pretend 10 Selfies, pics of food, and pics of … well, whatever's around is common nowadays. Just sift through any Instagram or Facebook feed if you require proof.  And that's because as a human collective we evidently enjoy taking photos of lame things. Also: 47 Engagement Photos That’ll Make Your Cringe [Photos] But one of the lamest things we've seen of late is people taking photos of themselves pretending to eat food that they didn't really eat. Of course, we're not stalkers — anymore — so we don't really know if tey ate the food in question or not, but you be the judge …

people pretending to eat #1. "Oh, are we disrupting you feasting on your air soup while we attempt to win a basketball game? Our bad."   pretend 2 #2. Know how we know Jenny McCarthy doesn't eat chicken nuggets?  Because everyone knows Ronald McDonald vaccinates himself and his chickens prior to slaughter. people pretending to eat crabs #3. If he did he'd have the joke, "That's how I got crabs!" people pretending to eat #4. We hope you're proud of yourselves, ladies. Scaring the poor people of that live inside that chocolate mansion, you should be ashamed!
people pretending to eat #5. Whether she eats cheat meals or not, there's no way in hell that petite lady is putting down that entire five-pound burger. wedding cake pretending to eat #6. Pirate face > duck face < about face.
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