8 Cool Novelty Shower Curtains For Guys

Why consider spending $60 on a cool shower curtain? If you’re scraping by to pay rent, you shouldn’t. But if you’re looking to add personality to the bathroom in your house or apartment it’s an easy way to accomplish that goal. A shower curtain that isn’t lame paired with some candles (for obvious reasons), a couple… Read more »


6 Cool Shower Curtains Inspired By Movies

Not all movies are deserving of praise, but those that have earned your admiration deserve to be honored in your home with … a cool shower curtain? Sure!


6 Awesome Cross Trainer Shoes For Men

If you’re not a gym rat or a runner, but you like to dabble in those and other physical activities, you need the right cross trainers.

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5 Simple Men’s Style Tips For Summer

If you’re not wearing mandals you’re already off to a good starts in terms of summer fashion choices. However, these tips and suggestions can help polish off your look.

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5 Comfy Robes for Men

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