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The Best Advice Ever From TV Dads

Even the most idiotic TV dads — and there are plenty of them — impart great wisdom from time to time. So we rounded up some of their best advice ever.

5 Easy Ways To Stand Out At Work

6 Tips For Looking Like A Standout Employee

The squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease. Instead, use this ironclad approach to making sure the powers that be know you’re on top of your game.


How To Play Hooky (And Not Get Busted)

If you’re looking to pull a Ferris Bueller at work this summer, follow these tips to avoid getting busted by the Bossman (or Bosswoman).


Survey: Your Coworkers
Want To Have Sex

You may not be hooking up with anyone at the office (what’s wrong with you?), but according to a new survey, a fair number of your coworkers are.

moving on to a new job

Thinking of Moving on to a New Job?

If you’re thinking about moving on to a new job, you’re probably going to be a little overwhelmed. Keep your cool and make sure your ground is covered by checking out these tips


3 Ways To Quit Your Job

There are plenty of ways to quit your job. However, there’s only one good way to get it done without potentially suffering backlash

Movie Job Interviews Modern Man

Job Interview Tips From Movies

A former corporate recruiter tells us what genuinely useful interview tips you can learn from job interview scenes in movies.