Awesome Fixed-Blade Knives For Cutting, Jabbing, and Sticking Stuff

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Awesome Fixed-Blade Knives

There are plenty of reasons to carry a knife: you might need to cut strings or wire, or fend off Wampa when you're parading around Hoth. So whether you're hunting in the wilderness or looking for a good utility tool, a good fixed-blade knife can come in plenty handy. Fixed-blade knives (or “survival” knives) don't fold up — hence the name "fixed-blade" — but they’re super durable and functional. If you're unsure which blade suits you, these six options should, ahem, point you in the right direction. We tried to vary the price points to provide you options. Lastly, yes, we apologize if we offended you with our lame play on words.

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Kershaw AM-6 Multifunction Utility Neck Knife ($18)

This compact, sturdy knife will come in handy for all your quick-cutting needs. The 1.5-inch, stainless steel blade can be worn around your neck with the included lanyard for increased accessibility. The knife measures 3.25 inches when unsheathed and features a comfortable glass filled nylon handle for a solid grip. fixed blade knife best

JBett EDC Money Clip With Hidden Tactical Knife ($14)

This combination item with a lifetime warranty is stylish and practical with a 1.7-inch blade discreetly embedded in the top of the money clip. It holds up to five credit cards and all your loose bills, and the blade adds functionality for your busy day. The knife features a finger slot and serrated thumb rest for comfortable handling, and the combined apparatus is lightweight and easy to carry. best fixed-blade knives ka bar #1213

Ka-Bar #1213 ($65 @

Featuring a 7-inch blade crafted from carbon steel, the Ka-Bar's plain edge is sharp enough to cut through practically anything that gets in your way while out in the wilderness — vines, small branches, 20-foot pythons, etc. Functionality aside, it looks super badass. And that, of course, will help out tremendously when you're being stalked by a bear.