23 Simple Things That’ll Make You A Pro At Organizing

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It’s difficult not to get stressed out when your life is a cluttered mess. Papers scattered over desktops, important mail hidden or lost, cleaning supplies piled under the sink, ect., etc., etc. It can be maddening, but the issue can be solved without the help of a psychiatrist or burning your house down.

These products and mobile apps are all relatively cheap, ranging from $10 to about $50 or so. And each one will eliminate some of the mess. Well, so long as you actually use them …

How to Get Organized Fast

#1. Prioritize and Set Boundaries

Before you click off of this story irritated we’d start with something so commonsensical, hear us out. Can you remember the last time — or anytime — you began the day sorting out exactly what you wanted to accomplish? Didn’t think so. Before you get into gear a work, construct an outline that you want to complete by the time you leave. And place emphasis on easy decisions. That way you’ll steer clear of being overwhelmed with chores and tasks before you’ve even started rearranging your life.

#2. Now Do #1. Every Single Day

Research and studies have shown that organizing must become a daily activity to work for you. If you want to keep at it and if you yearn to stay organized, it has to be a done each day; otherwise, it can never evolve.


getting things done#3. Figure Out How To Get Things Done

It’s not a new book, but it’s a book that includes a system that has helped thousands of people  divorce themselves of  physical and mental clutter.

Getting Things Done Book ($10 @ Amazon.com)

is a definitive guide for organizing day-to-day tasks. Author David Allen offers important insights and time-tested methods for freeing up mental creativity to increase productivity in all areas of life.