6 Fixed-Blade Knives For, Uh, Cutting Stuff

Whatever you’re looking to stab or slice, these fixed-blade knives will do the trick — no matter how much (or little) you’re looking to spend.

By Erik Neilson

the best fixed-blade knives for men

#2. Puma Coyote Stag ($110)
Classic in design, the 3.8-inch blade and natural antler handle provide a great pairing for this fixed-blade knife. The handle resists moisture and slickness, and a drop-point blade is made from German steel. At $110, it’s definitely not the cheapest option on the market — but for those looking for a durable utility knife, it might be worth the investment.

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best fixed-blade knives for guys

#3. Gerber Moment ($25)
The textured rubber handle provides comfort when gripping, and the blade is sharp enough to get most jobs done. Okay, so it won’t hack through bone and you won’t get the razor-sharp functionality that you might with the Puma or Ka-Bar knives mentioned earlier. But it’ll run you $25, dude. And that’s a steal for the quality you get.

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