10 TV Bars We Wish We Real

From neighborhood watering holes to intergalactic pubs, we’d like to order a few rounds in any of these TV bars.

By Ryan Penagos

10 TV Bars We Wish We Real moe'sMoe’s Tavern | The Simpsons
The only bar in Springfield doesn’t have much to boast about: drab interior, a bar counter thats’s allegedly never been cleaned, and a color TV so filthy the picture is black and white. There’s also Moe Syzlak, the bar’s curmudgeonry owner/bartender.

But sometimes that’s what we’re looking for in a dive, and Moe’s low-key atmosphere, uncomfortable barstools, and pints of Duff Beer that are no doubt served in bacteria-laden glasses hits the spot. 

10 TV Bars We Wish We Real maclaren'sMacLaren’s Pub | How I Met Your Mother
A casual atmosphere with dim lighting, a menu with 11 deep-fried appetizers, and sexy waitresses Wendy and Katrina make McLaren’s a go-to for an after-work cocktail. While there seems to be an endless influx of attractive women at MacLaren’s, if you snooze on chatting one of them up, expect regular Barney Stinson to swoop in.

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