The World’s Most Expensive Beer

These ultrapricey brews can cost as much as your beer budget for an entire year … okay, an entire month.

By Chris Connolly

There are lots of different ways to drink beer, whether you’re throwing back can after can … after can of inexpensive domestic beer at a barbecues, or enjoying a moderately priced import draft during a night out. But how often do you blow some or all of a month’s rent on a single bottle of beer?

Call them visionaries, maniacs, or people with drinking problems, but brewers all over the world are brewing beers that have absurdly high alcohol contents, or that come in bottles doubling as works of art, or that are derived from ancient recipes and ingredients dug up from graves. They all have one thing in common: They’re ridiculously expensive.

Thirsty yet? Then grab your wallet and check out the priciest brews money (well, maybe not your money) can buy.

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