The World’s Most Expensive Beer

Most Expensive Beer TutankhamunTutankhamen Brew ($7,500 … or $75)
Brewed by a team of archeologists and scientists and based on a 3,250-year-old recipe unearthed during an archaeological dig, the first bottle of Tutankhamen Brew, or Tut’s, was priced at a cool 5,000 pounds (about $7,500). The recipe was discovered in the remains of an ancient Egyptian kitchen in Tell el Amarna — the city where Pharaoh Tutankhamun is thought to have been born around 1350 BC. To recreate the beer in the most authentic manner possible, archeologists and brewers grew a crop of the rare ancient Egyptian grain emmer, then augmented its flavor with coriander — an herb common in the Nile region; the whole project took more than six years. These days, you can find one of the remaining samples selling online for about $75. But be careful, much like King Tut’s tomb, they’re cursed!

Okay, not really.