Schools For Dudes

beer schoolWhen you were a kid, you went to school for exactly one reason: because stupid adults made you.

Now that you’re a stupid adult yourself, you’re no longer obligated to go to school … but there’s never been a better time to do it. After all, school can be a vacation from real life. If you don’t believe that, head to a coffee shop at 3 pm on a Wednesday, find a liberal-arts grad student (there’ll be plenty), and ask him what a 401K is.

But you don’t need to pursue a PhD to enjoy school as a man. Instead, you can take a couple of hours or days to attend institutions of higher learning that teach you about stuff you actually want to know about. Like how to shoot sniper rifles, and how to grill various kinds of meat, and how to master the ancient art of covert death-dealing.

That’s why we rounded up these seven schools tailor-made for men.