What Your Common Dreams Mean

Find out what it means when you dream about your teeth falling out as your cheating girlfriend chases you while you fly away from a car crash naked!

By Jud Chandler

On average you should sleep between seven and nine hours every night. About 120 minutes of that time is spent dreaming, which means your subconscious gets to land you in bizarre dream scenarios for about two hours a night.

That’s a lot of time for you to have dreams that baffle you in the morning. While there’s no way to say precisely what your dreams mean, head shrinkers have come up with some broad interpretations. These are 10 of the most common dream definitions.

YOU’RE NAKED: This one ain’t rocket science. It means you feel vulnerable or awkward in your everyday life. (Wuss!) You may also feel like you exposed too much recently. Here’s hoping it didn’t result in your arrest.

YOU’RE LOST: You feel you’ve gone astray in your career or relationship … or you could be relying on your GPS too damn much when you’re awake. But if there’s some New Year’s resolution you’ve had on the back burner, this could be your way of asking yourself why the hell it’s still simmering.

YOU’RE BACK IN SCHOOL: This has nothing to do with Al Bundy glory days when you scored four touchdowns in a single game for Polk High. Instead, you’re probably feeling pressure at work. Think about it are parallels between school and your profession: A) You need to be on time. B) You need to be prepared. C) You get evaluated. D) You want to be accepted and move forward. This dream could be indicating that something’s off course.

YOU’RE BEING CHEATED ON: If your lady has found a new hobby or has been buried in TPS reports at work, this may signal that you feel neglected. So rather than accusing her of stepping out, figure out a way to work around her schedule so you can spend more time together.

YOU’RE IN A CAR CRASH: Stop! Do not list your Bentley on Craigslist in hopes of avoiding a Final Destination-type collision. This more than likely has to do with either how you’re driving yourself too hard in an area of your life, or the fact that there’s something going you perceive to be out of your control.

YOUR TEETH ARE FALLING OUT: You’re not overdo for a checkup. Teeth can be stand-ins for words — in other words, you said something you wish you hadn’t. So shut yer piehole!

YOU’RE BEING CHASED: Being on the lam may reveal how you typically deal with uneasy situations — you bolt from them like a pack (A gaggle? A school? A pride?) of zombies. It’s said that the distance between you and the animal, thing, or Freddy Krueger chasing you indicates how close you are to the issue; if it’s bearing down on you, it’s not gonna go away any time soon. If you widen the gap, however, you’re about to be in the clear … unless it actually is Freddy Krueger, in which case you’re totally f*cked.

YOU’RE FALLING/FLYING: If you’re falling, you’re anxious or insecure about something. If you’re flying, you’re happy and optimistic about something. Hey, we told you this ain’t rocket science.

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