How To Stop Sweating Down There

If you pour sweat from top to bottom — especially on bottom — it’s an issue that requires immediate attention. Well, for guys who enjoy getting laid, it’s of the utmost importance, anyway. Women don’t want to ruffle through excessive sweating and groin stank to get to the goods. If that describes your current condition, may we suggest a top-notch male masturbator? Because you’re not going to get laid often without forking over some serious dough.

However, if you’re a waterfall of sweat down your pants, you can try wearing breathable undies. Fabrics such as cotton will soak up the moisture, but will also leave you damp if you’re not monitoring the situation. These powders and antiperspirants can help you do that, as well as keep your fresh and ready to get down if the opportunity arrives. And if you’re smelling good and looking good, your odds of that happening go up.

jack black powder#1. Jack Black Dry Down Friction-Free ($19 @
Dry Down by Jack Black using magic potion to … okay, it doesn’t. It’s billed as a unique combo of pure cornstarch, lavender, cucumber, and organic green tea. And in case you think we’re lying to you, those ingredients are printed in nice big fat letters on the bottle. (Look to your left.) In either case, it keeps you dry down there while keeping irritants and bacteria off of your junk.

balla powder#2. Balla Powder Talc For Men ($17 @
Balla Powder takes talcum powder and mixes it with zinc (which isn’t water soluble and helps heal damaged or irritated skin). That means adding a coat of Balla to your ballas will protect the skin near sensitive areas — aka your nether regions — from getting damp or breaking out. You know, the things that’ll send the women running for the hills.

clubman powder#3. Clubman Finest Talc ($15 @
An old favorite, Clubman’s Finest Talc uses ultra-fine talc to create a barrier that traps moisture and leaves skin feeling dry and smooth. Best of all, the scent is light and doesn’t at all remind you of an “old man smell.” You know what that mixture is — moth balls, body odor, denture bacteria, and piss pants.

matte for men powder#4. Matt For Men Powder ($13 @
With the help of baking soda and pure cornstarch, odors and neutralized and moisture is barricaded. Use it before work or a date, after a workout or a shower, or basically any time you fear your nuts are going to become a puddle of sweat.

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