13 Things “Cosmo For Guys” Taught Us

Cosmo for Guys

• A special note to our Miami-based readers: Women in South Florida are especially fond of nipple biting.

• If you’re in a coffee shop, do NOT click on a “Tap to Hear Sound” button if you’re reading a Cosmo For Guys story entitled “Decode Her Bedroom Sounds.” You will be asked to leave the coffee shop.

• It would have been pretty cool to be at the recording session for “Decode Her Bedroom Sounds.”

• A scientific study showed that wearing cologne can actually make women think you look better. (That’s still no excuse to bathe in it.—Ed.)

• According to a quiz that we aced, we are excellent at avoiding “Awkward Date Situations.” Uh … we’re not so sure about that, Cosmo For Guys.

• According to a different quiz that we aced, we know exactly how to dress to impress women. We just don’t always do it.

• Getting fashion advice from a naked woman in a video isn’t the worst thing in the world.

• “Mix Her a Sexy Elixir” is an awesome headline for a cocktail story.

Cosmo For Guys Ian Somerhalder• Ian Somerhalder’s self-satisfied “Ooh, look at me, I’m a handsome vampire!” smirk is never not infuriating.

• Dudes think that the more skin a woman’s bathing suit reveals, the hotter it is. No surprise there.

• If you want to get a woman with whom you’re starting to get serious a cool gift that costs a fair amount of money, it should be a Barnes & Noble Nook. Wait … should Cosmo For Guys be saying that on an iPad app?

• Women like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor as much as we do.

• The woman who is Cosmo For Guys’ advice columnist is way cuter than the dude who is Cosmo‘s advice columnist.

• How to cum hands-free – read about it here