2013 Evolve Awards: Shaving & Skin Care

2013 Evolve Awards: Earnest Supplies

Ernest Supplies Roll-Up Tool Kit ($110)
Cool packaging doesn’t necessarily mean that the product inside is cool. But Ernest Supplies’ pouched skin care products are pretty damn cool. The pouches have an oxygen barrier that keeps the products’ active ingredients — vitamins and antioxidants – fresh and effective longer. And since the products are in pouches, you can squeeze them out like toothpaste so that you get every last bit. But the best thing about the Roll-Up Took Kit may be the fact that it travels so well; it’s easy to roll up the leather carrying case and stuff into a carry-on bag, and the pouches won’t burst due to changes in air pressure. The Tool Kit comes with Protective Matte Moisturizer, Cooling Shave Cream, and Soap-Free Gel Face Wash.

2013 Evolve Awards: Stack SoapSTACK Soap The Infinity Bar ($12.50)
How many times have you had to toss out that last, barely gripable sliver of bar soap? Alternatively, how many times have you tried to meld it with a new bar of soap, only to be left with a Frankenstein’s monster of soap that’s awkward to hold and probably a turn-off to any ladies who may share your shower. Well, there’s no need to do that anymore thanks to STACK. Each fresh bar has a groove in the top taylor made for leftover slivers of soap. So the old bar and the new bar will meld together into a might Voltron-like bar of soap that eliminates waste and annoyance.

2013 Evolve Awards: Dermologica Preshave GuardDermalogica Preshave Guard ($25)
Zach Galifianakis can get away with sporting an unruly beard. Chances are you can’t. But shaving regularly can be not just an annoyance for some guys, but a literal pain in the ass … in the face. Dermalogica’s Preshave Guard is great for guys prone to knicks and razor burn for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it comes in stick form to prevent you from getting greasy hands. And it provides an added layer of knick protection when you rub it over your cheeks before you shave.