2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Cars and Electronics

000bruntonBrunton Hydrogen Reactor ($169)
Gadgets are useless without battery power and this is by far the most futuristic way to charge them. This Hydrogen Reactor is only a little bigger than a smartphone, but once you snap in a hydrogen core, it will pump out as much power as 30 AA batteries. When your core is kicked, you can swap it for a charged one and keep going. You recharge the core in an H2O hydrolizer, which uses plain old water to generate power. It’s clean, efficient, and sounds like something that the Joker would use to blow up Gotham City.

000sonySony QX100 Camera ($499)
Smartphone cameras have gotten pretty good, but smartphone accessory cameras will make you look like the Ansel Adams of Instagram. The barrel-shaped camera module connects with your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and inside there’s a big imaging sensor and a super-sharp 3.6x Zeiss zoom lens that puts smartphone cameras to shame. The whole thing snaps onto your smartphone, so you can hold it like a real camera and share high-quality photos and HD video in real time. It’s the camera your Snap Chat friends deserve.