Thankfully We Don’t Live Next Door To These Jerks

The Richards family of Canberra, Australia totally put Clark W. Griswold’s 25,000 important Italian twinkle lights to shame. In fact, their insane display of 502,165 Christmas lights earned them a new world record for Shittiest Neighbors On Planet Earth Number of Christmas Lights Put Up On a Home.

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The old record was set by some New Yorkers in 2012 with a pathetic 346,000 lights. And who might you ask held the record in 2011 with 331,000 lights? Why the Richards family of Canaberra, Australia, of course!

As much as we want to dump on the Richards for being competitive idiots, their display does raise money for a children’s charity. Thing is, David Richards also admitted that he wanted to reclaim the throne he lost because he wants to win. Spoken like a true Richard, sir.

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