3 Reasons Why You Should Wax Your Car

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The average length of time drivers keep a new vehicle is around six years, as reported by R. L. Polk researchers, and if you want your car to look brand new for as long as possible, maintaining it in an optimal state by waxing it is key. Waxing your car regularly gives your car’s body a gorgeous shine, but it will also protect it against more serious damage that can end up costing you more than you bargained for. There are many more reasons why you should include waxing in your regular car maintenance schedule. Read on to discover a few.

Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job

The body of your vehicle will undoubtedly be exposed to inclement conditions (including intense sun, tree sap, road salt, wind and snow), especially if you have to park it outside frequently. Consider car wax with a protective layer that will stave off UV ray damage and enable elements such as dust and salt to simply ‘slide off’ your car’s body. To optimize this benefit, choosing a wax that increases surface tension in paint will cause droplets and dust to just roll or blow off. This type of wax tends to contain hydrophobic polymer technology, which is effective and long-lasting.

A Gorgeous Shine

Wax not only has a protective effect; it also embellishes your car, giving it a newly-purchased look. For ultimate shine, choose a liquid wax that polishes the car’s surface. It should contain a high amount of polymers, which cross-link to reflect the sun for a mirror-like effect. You may have to do a bit of buffing to remove excess wax, but the elegant shimmer will be well worth it. If you have little time for maintenance and lament having to wait after washing your car to wax it, know that some waxes can be applied when the car is still wet. It is only once the car has dried that you will need to buff excess wax off.

Improving Your Car’s Resale Value

Because wax protects your car’s paint and stops scratches from being produced, it can extend its lifespan and also improve its resale value. When you take your car to the dealer, they will look at other factors such as mileage, service records, and the condition of the upholstery or leather interiors. However, they will be equally vigilant about the paint, so maintaining your car’s luster throughout its lifetime is key. You don’t have to spend hours every month on this task. In fact, some manufacturers make spray-on waxes that can be quickly wiped off with a soft, lint-free towel. 

If you have just bought a car and you want to ensure it looks its best while under your ownership, then make sure to include waxing in your maintenance schedule. There are many varieties of wax to choose from. Even if you have just a few moments to spare, ensure you spray or apply wax at least four times a year, especially ahead of the spring and summer seasons.