Top 7 Ways To Escape Lockdown Through Virtual Reality

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Top 7 Ways To Escape Lockdown Through Virtual Reality

The coronavirus has us all under lockdown. While some of us have the benefit of working from home, there’s no denying the fact that it can get quite boring with always having to look at bare walls for excitement. 

Granted, the Internet and growth in tech means we can communicate with friends and family, but this gets old. After all, you probably don’t want to call your family and talk to them for hours every day to keep yourself entertained…

Luckily, there are many entertainment options such as video games and eSports. One form of entertainment that is sure to keep you occupied is virtual reality (VR). You can literally travel to new destinations and take part in fun activities, all from the comfort of your home.

Whichever VR console you use, here are the top ways how you can use this powerful technology to forget about lockdown.

  1. Play VR Games

If you’re a gamer, then VR games are definitely something you will want to try. They are much more immersive than traditional video games. Furthermore, you can find VR games available as modifications of your favorite PlayStation or Xbox games.

There’s a VR game for everyone. Whether you want to explore huge and never-ending galaxies, go on missions to save your crew in outer-space, play some golf, or even fight monsters in deep, creepy places, VR has got you covered. These games will guarantee hours of engaging fun. The only risk is that you’ll never want to stop playing.  

VR gaming doesn’t just offer fun, it also comes with benefits:

  • If you’re into action games, you’ll burn a lot of calories during your VR adventures.
  • Because it’s so realistic, VR games can help you face your phobias such as fear of heights or spiders. Who knows, if you play enough, you may even overcome your worst fears.
  • VR games offer an escape from daily stress, so you’ll be more relaxed about life.
  1. Virtual Reality Porn

The truth is that many of us have watched some adult content. But for many, adult content sites have ceased to be a source of entertainment as there is nothing new to experience and see. 

VR porn offers something different and is guaranteed to grab your attention. The experience is far more immersive and instantly makes you part of the ‘action’. 

So, if your regular adult content platform no longer impresses you, try out VR porn and you may very well have found your new pastime… wink! 

  1. Travel To Antarctica

So, the lockdown has us… well, locked down. But that is no excuse to not see the world. Okay, granted, this is a desert of white ice. But it can be one of the most exciting things that you’ll ever experience. From chin strap penguins, to viewing ceremonial flags left by explores, seeing Antarctica through VR is the closest you can get to the real thing (right now, anyway). 

And hey, want to know what else makes this huge ice desert special? It is home to 90% of the world’s fresh water. That alone should be reason enough to make the VR trip. 

  1. See The Aurora Lights

From the south pole to the north, if you have always wanted to see the northern lights but the coronavirus has you stuck in one place, unable to travel, then you can still experience the magic and wonder of the northern lights. 

You can travel to Norway’s Lofoten archipelago where you can view the beautiful, natural landscape while combining the experience with the stunning light show of the northern lights. And if you want to make the experience unforgettable, turn off the lights and lower the drapes. 

  1. Travel To The Moon

You can even travel to the moon and re-live man’s giant leap. What’s more, this interactive VR experience is part game and part documentary. It integrates old footage and allows you to control the lunar module and choose a landing point. 

If you’re uncomfortable landing the lunar module, you can just sit back and let the lunar module pick a spot for itself as you take in all the sights. 

The sights, sounds and even the landscape feels surreal and you would be forgiven for experiencing feelings of euphoria as you forget that you are actually still on planet earth.

  1. Visit A Museum

The lockdown continues to open up possibilities we would otherwise not have thought about. Through virtual reality, you can visit some of the best museums around the world.

For example, The Vatican Museum is definitely worth a look. It houses some of the most important pieces of art from different times in human history. 

You can now enjoy a close look at the art pieces without having to deal with the crowds. Some interesting pieces that you can take a close look at include the Sala Alessandrina, the Pio Clementino museum, and the Sistine Chapel. 

To take the virtual tour, simply visit the Vatican Museum website. 

  1. Go On A Virtual National Park Tour

Perhaps you have been planning that unforgettable trip to Yellowstone but had to cancel due to the Corona Virus. It will please you to know you can still enjoy your trip from the comfort of your home through VR. There are multiple other places you can visit such as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or Glacier National Park. 

If you always wanted to know what it feels like to stand next to an active volcano, virtual tours offer you the next best thing—without all the dangers.

Take advantage of the series of virtual tours created by various US national parks and enjoy fly-over videos that are both immersive and interactive.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality is a great way to keep yourself entertained and busy during the COVID-19 lockdown. From games to museum visits to stunning fly-over videos in some of the most beautiful locations around the world, there is plenty to experience. And let’s not forget, when you’re feeling frisky, VR can help you out, too.