How the Modern Man has Embraced Online Life

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The internet has touched almost all of our lives. The impact that it’s had on some of us, myself included, has been massive. My lifestyle would be completely alien to a “modern man” 20 years ago. With that in mind, I thought I’d run through a typical day in my life with a special focus on usage of the internet.

Before setting my thoughts out in an article, I knew, of course, that the internet has changed a lot of what I do on a daily basis. However, even I was surprised at the results. So, join me, a modern thirty-something-year-old man, as I take you through a fairly ordinary day of online interactions.

07:00: Wake Up!

The sound of my Spotify playlist wakes me up at 07:00 for another day at the office. I slowly rouse from my slumber, get out of bed, and head to the bathroom. My shower and toothbrush aren’t “smart” just yet so all of this is pretty analogue!

07:45: Breakfast

Again, the making of my breakfast was pretty offline but once it’s ready, I sit eating it whilst scrolling through various applications on my phone. I first check on my investments.

I’m pretty into tech investing. The internet has touched my life in a big way so it’s fair to say it will have had the same impact on others too. I login to my RobinHood app and see that Tesla and Amazon posted small gains. Nice! Next, I load up my Blockfolio account. Like countless other millennials, I’m invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few choice altcoins. The market is a 2.8% down on the day – nothing major.

Investments checked and just a few bites into breakfast, I pay a visit to the WhatsApp group chat. The boys have finally decided who can make our annual ski trip this year, so we’re ready to start planning. After that, I look at what’s happening in the world. Still staring at my phone screen, I visit four different online publications to try and get a more balanced picture than what the TV would feed me.

Just before I go to get dressed, I login to Tinder quickly. No matches, damn. This weekend is still looking uneventful!

08:00 – 09:00: Getting Ready and Setting Off for Work

I dress – no application will put my socks on for me yet so that’s got to be done the good old-fashioned way. I hail an Uber to take me to work. In the back I engage in some pre-ski trip banter will the lads. I remind Dave that he might be handy on his snowboard but my skis will get me to the bar much faster.  

09:00 – 12:00: Work, Work, Work!

When I arrive at my coworking space, after a few passing pleasantries with the others in there, I get down to business. First, I check work emails and respond where necessary. I then crack on with my latest project. As a graphic designer, this involves plenty of research. Fortunately, I can do it all from my office chair.

12:00: Lunchtime

Feeling inspired from a morning of research, I decide it best to continue working rather than heading out for something to eat. I load up Uber Eats and order myself noodles from the Asian Restaurant further down our street.

I continue working on my latest piece until the food arrives and then take a few minutes to check in with the news again before a quick glance at Tinder. Still nothing!

Better get back to work!

15:00: Take a Break

My creativity hits a bit of a brick wall and my mind wanders to the slopes this winter. I check the group chat. There’s a lot of talk about booking an apartment this week but no one has come forward with any suggestions. The perfect distraction!

I visit Google first to find a resort that’s perfect for us. According to a few sources Austria has a great balance of nightlife and some steep slopes for the advanced snow sports enthusiast. Sounds good to me!

Next, I head to Airbnb to see what’s available for the week we have earmarked. I find a couple of likely apartments – four beds with a foldout in case Andy decides he can afford to join us last minute. I send them to the group chat.

I find myself on Google street view doing the walk from the apartment to the lifts and then to the nearest bar. It all checks out. I glance at the clock. Half an hour wasted. Whoops!

Feeling guilty, I resign myself to work for the rest of the afternoon.

17:30 – 18:30: Leaving the Office and Exercise

Having successfully submitted a draft piece for my client, it’s time to call it a day. I hail another Uber to take me across town. Once I get home, I quickly change and head out for today’s exercise. I logon to my Strava application and start a new session. I’m feeling strong today so I want to make sure I record my time and distance!

18:30 – 19:30: A Proud Moment and Some Dinner

Wow. I did it! A new personal best on my 10km run. Feeling suitably proud, I share my time on my social media feeds. I get a few likes and an old friend from high school congratulates me. She suggests we go running together sometime. It’ll probably never happen but I agree and tell her that I’m keen whenever she has chance.

All the exercise got me in the mood for a healthy dinner. Two takeaways in the same day is definitely overindulgence! I check my cupboards and fridge. There’s a scattered assortment of ingredients that I’m sure my mother could do something great with but I’m drawing a blank.

I decide that technology can probably help me here too. I load up and enter the ingredients I have. I get back a host of interesting recipes. I choose one of get on with cooking. Having got anything in the pan, I realise that my cupboards are even barer than they were before. Better do some shopping!

I logon to my account at the local supermarket. Feeling lazy, I decide to just click reorder on the items I had last week. The whole thing takes less than a minute leaving me free to browse my local football team’s website to see the latest updates. It’s not long before it’s time to eat.

19:30 – 22:00: Unwinding and Entertainment

All the pressing tasks for the day completed, I take a quick shower and put on some comfy clothes. The rest of the evening is mine and although I have nothing particular planned, I know I won’t be bored.

With Netflix on the TV in the background, I’m first drawn to the online casino. I usually play a few hands of poker but feeling pretty drained, I opt for the slots instead. There’s a great bonus for a site I play at for a new slot I figure I’ll take a couple of spins instead. All the information I need the make a good decision is available online.

Unfortunately, lady luck isn’t smiling down on me at the casino and I bust out my bonus fund without hitting a big win. Oh well, maybe next time. Perhaps I’ll be luckier elsewhere. I load Tinder and decide to put the feelers out again. A few right swipes later and I notice the group chat is on fire. It seems the guys like my suggestions and think we should go for the place with the sauna on site.

I head back to Airbnb and request the booking. I’ve used the site a lot over the years and have plenty of good feedback so we should get it. Excited for the winter, I head to bed and put on a winter sports documentary. I’ve seen them all on Netflix so I use my Amazon Fire Stick. Worn out from another day in the digital life of a modern man, I drift off to dreams of the mountains.