3 Sexual Wellness Tips Every Woman Should Know

How is your sex life? It’s a question we probably don’t get asked enough. And that doesn’t mean how many sexual partners have you had or when was the last time you had sex but how is the experience of having sex for you? Is it good or does it leave you feeling disappointed?

Your sexual wellness is important and there are so many great sexual health tips out there that you’ve probably never even considered.

Here’s everything you need to know. 

1. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Have you ever tried to watch a movie while sleeping? Or tried to drive a car? What about physical exercise? It’s a horrible experience because you’re tired. You feel irritable and exhausted when everyone expects you to have loads of energy. 

Sleep is one of the most important factors in our everyday lives. Most doctors think that those under the age of 64 need an average of 9 hours of sleep per night and that those over that age need just 8. 

Without sleep sex just becomes a chore. So plan your sex sessions in advance. If you have a long-time partner communicate with them. And if you’re planning on having a one-night stand then don’t go out on nights when you’re tired. Only commit to having sex if you are really feeling it.

If you are not feeling it you could try this side hustle to help you improve your sexual health and performance. 

2. Find a Great Partner

How many awful one night stands have we all had in our lives? Sometimes it’s great to get it out our system and sometimes we can find a really great sexual partner on a night out.

But most of the time we build the best and deepest sexual relationships with a long-term partner. Either casual or romantic find someone who understands your needs and how to fulfill them. This is one of the best sexual wellness tips for women.

If you can’t find a great partner then stay home and use a sexual wellness app to help you take care of yourself. 

3. Relax With a Massage 

The next thing you want to do is to relax with a massage, one of the best sexual wellness for women strategies.  This can take away all the stress of the previous day and help you unwind before a great session with your partner. 

You could even go to a spa or massage parlor with your partner. Fancier places at five-star hotels often include a complimentary bubble bath at the end which you and your partner could enjoy together. 

Understand Your Body And Improve Your Sexual Wellness 

If you want to improve your sexual wellness you need to understand your body and the way it responds during sexual intercourse.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep in before you have sex so that you are well-rested and you could even consider going for a massage with your partner to fully relax.

Finally consider finding a long-term sexual partner rather than a one-night stand. This is one of the best sexual wellness tips as it means you can find someone who fully understands your needs and can get better.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your sexual wellness be sure to check out the rest of our site.