So, How Long Does Sex Really Last?


How long does sex last? If you’ve been called a “two-pump chump” you, sadly, already know the answer and are sulking away from your computer in shame. The rest of us, however, might not be so sure if we’re going the distance or are otherwise overstaying our welcome after we’ve been granted entry into the magic kingdom. Thankfully, some eggheads did some research for us back in 2005 and published their findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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The study consisted of 500 couples worldwide who used stopwatches to gauge their start-to-finish time over a period of four weeks. The times varied — as quick as 33 seconds to as long as 44 minutes. That’s right — a 44-minute boner. The median result was about 5.5 minutes. Condom and circumcision, surprisingly, didn’t play a significant role in the results.

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