3 Things to Know About Psilocybin

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here are many treatments that have been authorized for use to help those with mental health issues over recent years in the United States. However, these have only been approved after extensive research has been carried out, and this often means waiting for many years before they become available.

One substance that has undergone research and continues to be researched for use with mental health problems is psilocybin. This is a substance that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms, and studies have looked at both the potential psilocybin benefits and the risks. They have shown that it could help with certain mental health issues such as severe depression or post-traumatic stress disorder when coupled with additional therapy. However, it is still illegal under federal law in the USA, and it continues to be researched.

Some Facts About Psilocybin

As a result of continued trials and research, there could be changes with regard to the use of psilocybin in the future, but at present, it is not used or available for treatment. Some things to keep in mind about this substance are:

It Comes with Risks

One thing to keep in mind about this substance is that it does come with a range of risks, and this is why it is still undergoing research and remains illegal under federal law. This is a substance that works its way from the bloodstream to the brain, and it affects serotonin receptors in the central nervous system along the way. It can cause psychedelic effects, hallucination, and psychosis as well as seizures. There is a chance of addiction as well, although not a particularly high risk. For now, despite the benefits, it will continue to be researched by experts to learn more about both the risks and benefits.

Some Results Have Been Positive

Another thing to note about this substance is that studies conducted so far have not just highlighted the risks involved. There has also been positive data from studies carried out over recent years, and it has suggested that the substance could be beneficial for those who have mental health issues such as severe depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. So, although it is not legal in the United States under federal law, there have been positive signs with regard to its use. This means that with continued research, its decriminalization statewide is not out of the question.

It Is a Schedule 1 Substance

As mentioned earlier, this substance does remain illegal in the United States under federal law, although it has been decriminalized in a couple of local jurisdictions. This is because it is considered a Schedule 1 substance. In a nutshell, this means that it is currently viewed as a drug that has no accepted or approved medical use and that could be potentially abused. However, as research continues, this could change in the future.

These are a few of the key factors to keep in mind when it comes to psilocybin.

But are psilocybin mushrooms different from lion’s mane? Many people think that magic mushrooms and lion’s mane are similar because they are two of today’s most popular mushrooms. But they aren’t.

Unlike psychedelic magic mushrooms, functional mushrooms like lion’s mane don’t have psychoactive compounds that cause hallucinogenic effects. Instead, they contain compounds with healing properties to combat stress, improve digestion, and boost mental functioning. 

Because lion’s mane doesn’t make a person high, it’s widely available as a food supplement across the globe. Consumers can purchase functional mushroom supplements online or in physical health and wellness stores.

Mushroom Revival explains that the lion’s mane is a functional mushroom consisting of prebiotic fibers for a healthy digestive system, polypeptides for healthy cellular repair, beta-glucans, and digestive enzymes.

For centuries, the lion’s mane has been used for holistic medicine practices, and it’s now popularly used in improving health and wellness routines.

Magic mushrooms are usually used for recreational purposes with limited evidence to prove medicinal effects. On the other hand, the lion’s mane has been used in Chinese medicine and other traditional medical treatments.

Now that you know what magic mushrooms are and their effects and differences from functional mushrooms, you can make a more informed buying decision to help improve your health and well-being.