4 Advantages Of Electric Dab Rigs

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If you’re interested in another way to consume cannabis (CBD) besides smoking and vaping, you may be interested in dabbing it instead. Dabbing is the consumption of high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or dab, which are often in the form of amber, honeycomb, wax, or budder. THC refers to the psychoactive chemical in cannabis and is responsible for the ‘high’ one experiences after consuming it. While both let you consume CBD via vapor, vaping uses e-liquid while dabbing heats the previously mentioned materials. 

To begin dabbing, you’ll probably need to use a dabbing rig. However, it’s worth noting that there are several kinds of dab rigs. You may consider an electric dabbing rig, such as one that you might find if you go to this site. An electric dabbing rig is a rig that heats a dab using electricity, unlike a traditional rig, which requires a torch and butane. 

Before deciding which kind of dabbing rig is best for you, you may want to consider its advantages. In this article, you may consider the following benefits of an electric dabbing rig to decide on what kind is best for you:

  1. Customizable

One advantage that electric dab rigs offer is that they’re customizable. While regular dab rigs may also be customizable, the smaller size of e-rigs makes it easier to customize them. Moreover, this allows you to improve your overall dabbing experience without spending a vast amount on an entirely new rig. Instead, you may change only specific parts such as the atomizer, coil, heating cup, or add an e-nail.  

  1. Portable And Discreet

Another advantage of using electric dab rigs is that they’re more portable and discreet, primarily because they’re known to be smaller than the traditional variety. A conventional rig can often be compared to the equipment in science labs, except they’re more significant. It may even be as big as a water pitcher. 

As a result, it may be difficult for you to carry it comfortably and efficiently. Meanwhile, electric dab rigs can be small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, which you may find advantageous if you travel frequently. 

An e-rig will also be more discreet when you use it because of its smaller size. You’ll find this very beneficial if you wish to use your rig without drawing others’ attention to yourself.

  1. Convenient And Beginner-Friendly

The next advantage electric dab rigs offer is that they’re convenient and beginner-friendly. One reason is that it uses an e-nail to heat your CBD instead of a torch. This e-nail may be attached to your rig, allowing you to avoid carrying multiple parts and assembling them during use.

Furthermore, an e-rig often comes with a temperature monitoring system. Having one allows you to control the temperature and prevent overheating. You also won’t have to monitor the temperatures yourself. In addition, given its temperature regulation system, you’ll also decrease the likelihood of an accidental fire, which you may come across with butane systems.

It makes it much simpler to use your dab rig, which is especially advantageous if you’re a beginner.

  1. Better Dabbing Experience

The fourth advantage that dab rigs have over traditional ones is that they may offer a better dabbing experience. E-rigs may give you better flavor, cleaner concentrations, and consistency.

Given the advancement of technology, an e-rig can offer better flavor as it’s optimized to prevent the loss of potency and flavor of your concentrates. Furthermore, its temperature monitoring system will also contain a burned taste and maintain the best and optimal temperature.   

Temperature maintenance will grant you a consistently good experience for every session. You’ll also avoid the need to kill the heat source every break within sessions, only to wait for it to reheat afterward.  

Moreover, it will produce cleaner concentrates as no butane will be involved and won’t mix with your cannabis. That is because butane systems often have flames that leave a carbon residue that may contaminate your concentration. Meanwhile, e-rigs heat your material using heat coils, allowing you to avoid this issue.  

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Dabbing can be a worthy alternative to vaping or smoking CBD to consume THC. However, when it comes to dabbing, you’ll need the proper dabbing rig to optimize your experience. One of the various kinds of dabbing rigs worth considering is electric dabbing rigs. Electric dabbing rigs are equipment that heats your dab using electricity compared to a torch. Hopefully, the list of electric dabbing rigs’ advantages above has aided you in your decision on which kind of dabbing rig is best for you.