4 Dainty Style Tips for Men That Love Kaftans

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Like with any other outfit, you want to pull off the best look when wearing a kaftan, don’t you? And you have a reason as well worn kaftans are pleasing to look at. 

The good news is that it’s possible to have an exquisite look with your kaftan with these style tips:

Wear the right kaftan

You will not make a great impression while wearing the wrong kaftan, so to pull off a great look, you need to wear a kaftan that complements your look. Luckily, there are many kaftans in the market to choose from. The popular ones being:

Traditional kaftan: It has an ankle length, and it’s best suited for those inclined to a classic look with a contemporary twist. The outfit has a simple silhouette with a V-neck, and the hemline falls below the knee. Due to this design, this kaftan is best suited for young adults.

Bohemian kaftan: The bohemian kaftan is made from hemp or organic cotton and often features hand-embroidered details. Any man can wear this outfit, and it’s best for lounging around the house or walking in the park.

Modern kaftan: It has a contemporary take on the traditional kaftan. The kaftan usually features bold colors, clean lines, and geometric patterns. One of the best places to wear this kaftan is when looking to create a positive first impression when attending an outdoor party or BBQ.

Wedding kaftan: From its name, this outfit is designed to wear to weddings and other special occasions. It’s usually the most formal of the kaftans, and you should wear it when looking to make a grand entrance at an event.

Beachwear kaftan: Like other beachwear outfits, this too is made from lightweight linen or cotton fabric, making it comfortable to wear at the beach. It usually features colorful patterns and prints, giving you an elegant look while heading to the beach or poolside.

Comfort should be your priority.

While kaftans are highly comfortable, wearing the wrong fit can give you an awful experience. When you wear a kaftan that is too small for your size, you will have a problem easing into it and even living your daily life.

You will also ruin the natural flow of the outfit, giving it an ugly look.

At the same time, when you wear a too baggy kaftan, the shoulders will keep slipping, and the kaftan keeps coming in the way.

Before purchasing, take your time and understand your measurements to order the right outfit. If buying offline, try out the kaftan at the store and ensure that it’s comfortable and fits perfectly.

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Seal the look with the right accessories

While men have fewer options, there are still several excellent accessories they can wear with their kaftans. These accessories include:

Side purse: Who said the era of side purses is gone? You can wear a side purse if you love purses to make your outfit more attractive.

Wear a purse that blends with your outfit and skin tone for the perfect look.

The cool thing is that besides the outfit looking great, it also serves as storage for your phone and other accessories, so you don’t lose them or look clumsy.

Due to the oversized and loose fitting of the kaftan, avoid a bulky purse, as it can degrade the outfit’s look. Instead, go for a moderately sized purse.

Bracelets and watches: While bracelets and watches are great accessories, please note a kaftan is a powerful outfit, so you should be cautious when choosing the accessories to go with it.

If your kaftan already has shiny embellishments, avoid using jewelry that makes a loud statement, such as a heavy bracelet or watch, as it will be overkill.

In such a case, choose a subtle accessory that won’t overwhelm your overall appearance.

On the other hand, if your kaftan is plain with no prints, there is no harm in wearing a subtle bracelet or sleek leather watch. Don’t wear your kaftan with a sports wristwatch as it will look out of place.

Brooch: Although a brooch has yet to gain much popularity among kaftan-wearing men, it’s an excellent accessory.

A good brooch adds significant appeal to the outfit, especially if the kaftan is made from a plain color material.

There is not much you need to do with the brooch—simply attach it to the chest region of your kaftan, and you are good to go.

Other accessories you can wear include: a neck chain and cufflinks.

Wear the kaftan with the right shoes

Like with other outfits, the shoes you wear can make or break your kaftan, so be cautious about the shoes you choose. Some people argue that you can wear your kaftan with any shoe you want, but this isn’t the case.

As a rule of thumb, don’t wear your kaftan with running, canvas, or any sports shoes, regardless of the brand or price. They just don’t go with kaftans. You also shouldn’t wear your native wear with dress shoes or any other form of lace-ups.

Some excellent shoes to wear with your kaftan are boat shoes, loafers, moccasins, and other shoes that aren’t dress shoes (don’t have laces).

Long kaftans give you more options as you can wear them with different shoes. As long as a shoe isn’t laced up, you can get away with it when wearing a long kaftan.

Sandals are also an excellent choice to wear, but you need to ensure that they are quality leather sandals—they shouldn’t be cheap or made from cheap materials. Never wear your kaftan with rubber flip-flops or any form of bathroom slippers, even if it’s an emergency.

Even if you are rushing to an accident scene, don’t go there wearing a kaftan and rubber flip-flops. Put on some sandals first. If you must wear rubber flip-flops, change to shorts and a tee first. 

No one wants to see a grown man in a quality kaftan and flip-flops—the scene is so detestable that you might even cause another accident.