4 Reasons to Take a High-Quality Hair Vitamin for Men


In 2018, the global haircare market value stood at an estimated $75.33 billion. Come 2026, experts project this to grow to a whopping $111.98 billion. They also say how hair loss problems affecting 60.3% of men are fueling this growth.

After all, “bad hair” days are more than just an aesthetic concern. Experts say that excessive shedding or hair loss can lead to psychological issues.

Fortunately, supplementing with a hair vitamin for men may help prevent these problems. More than that, most vitamins and nutrients for hair are crucial to overall good health.

So, which vitamins are these, and why should you even take them in the first place? How can then help you keep your crown full of thick, healthy strands?

We’ll answer all these questions in this post, so be sure to read on!

1. May Help Protect You From Hair Follicular Conditions

A folliculitis is a form of inflammation that involves the hair follicle. Its most common symptoms are papules or pustules around the follicles. It can grow on any part of the skin where hair grows, including the scalp, face, arms, and legs.

Untreated or chronic folliculitis can result in hair loss. At the very least, it can keep your hair from growing healthy.

Pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, are the culprits behind folliculitis. These skin conditions affect people of all ages, but some occur more frequently in men. For instance, health experts say that Malassezia folliculitis is more common in men.

Since pathogens cause folliculitis, a weak immune system may make you more prone to it. Your risks are likely to go up too if you lack antioxidants like vitamins C and E.

Another follicle-related condition common in men is pseudofolliculitis barbae. It affects 60% of African American men and those with curly hair. It occurs when curly strands grow back into the skin or, in some cases, due to skin irritations.

In either case, inflammation occurs, which can then result in the formation of hard bumps. Like folliculitis, pseudofolliculitis barbae can cause hair loss or impaired hair growth.

In such cases, hair vitamins for men with vitamins C and E may help strengthen your immune system. What’s more, these amazing vitamins can fortify your body against other inflammatory diseases. They can help minimize the severity of allergic reactions while fighting off infections.

2. May Help Keep Your Immune System from Overreacting

About 23.5 million Americans have an autoimmune disease, and over 20% of them are men. Autoimmune disease can trigger the immune system to “overreact” to allergens or irritants. These “overreactions” can be in the form of hair loss, slow hair growth, or weakened strands.

Do note that there is no cure for autoimmune diseases. However, prevention and treatments can control overactive immune responses. They can ease swelling, and in some cases, reduce pain associated with inflammation.

A perfect example is vitamin A, which is a well-known anti-inflammation vitamin. This vitamin is also crucial for cell growth, including the hair’s epithelial cells. As such, a lack of vitamin A can impede healthy hair growth.

What’s more, studies suggest that vitamin A deficiency may bring about hair loss. If you don’t have enough of this vitamin, your body may not make enough epithelial cells for your hair. Insufficient vitamin A may also lead to a decrease in scalp sebum (oil) production.

All that should be enough reason to take vitamin A as part of your hair vitamins. Besides, this vitamin also promotes healthier, clearer eyes.

3. May Help Keep Hair Loss and Brittle Nails at Bay

High-quality vitamins for hair often include most, if not all the B vitamins. There are eight B vitamins, from B1 to B3, B5 to B7, and then B9 and B12.

B vitamins play a crucial role in the body’s red blood cell (RBC) production. The whole body, including the hair, need RBCs since they carry nutrients and oxygen. These cells feed and nourish your entire body, from scalp to sole.

So, it’s no wonder that scientists found a link between vitamin B2, B7, B9, and B12 deficiencies and hair loss. Moreover, deficiencies in B9 and B12 can result in unhealthy, brittle nails. If you lack B vitamins, your cells’ health will suffer, and so will your energy levels.

Here’s the clincher, though: studies found men to be more susceptible to B12 deficiency. So, do yourself a favor by supplementing with B vitamins for hair and nails.

4. May Aid in Strengthening Hair While Preventing Hair Loss

Vitamin D helps boost the body’s mineral absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.

Calcium is crucial for optimal hair, bone, and nail health. This mineral also helps the body to absorb and synthesize iron better. Iron, in turn, is essential in the formation of the hair structure.

Magnesium helps promote follicle hair growth, which is a must for healthy, strong hair. It also helps keep calcium from building up and clogging your hair follicles. Left untreated, excess calcium deposits on the skin can lead to hair loss.

Phosphate works together with calcium in promoting bone health. If you lack vitamin D, your body may not be able to absorb enough calcium and phosphate. This can then lead to calcium buildups on your skin and scalp, affecting your follicles.

The thing is, some men have a predisposition to vitamin D deficiency. For starters, African-American men are at a higher risk compared to Caucasian males. African-American men with low fitness levels are also 45% more likely to be deficient in vitamin D.

With that said, see your doctor to have yourself tested for vitamin D deficiency. If you do, you likely lack a lot of nutrients for hair and whole-body health. Ask your physician if you can take vitamin supplements. 

Nourish Your Locks With a High-Quality Hair Vitamin for Men

As you can see, some hair-related conditions affect more men than women. Let’s not forget that hair loss is more prevalent and noticeable in males. All these should be enough reason for you to supplement with a high-quality hair vitamin for men.

Besides, taking the right hair vitamins will also boost other aspects of your health.

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