5 Hair Loss Supplements For Balding Men

5 Hair-Loss Supplements For Balding Men

Going bald is a genetic curse that 35 million guys experience in the United States. In other words, hair loss isn’t something you’re going through alone. The good news is there are things you can do to help keep the remaining hairs on your balding head, like eat green leafy vegetables (spinach and kale, for example), or foods rich in fatty acids (avocado) and lean protein. They all promote hair growth. But your diet alone won’t stop the bald spot from expanding, and that’s when a hair supplement is great for filling in the gaps — in your diet and on your head.

Best Hair-Loss Supplements For Balding Men Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx#1. Ultrax Labs Hair Maxx ($60 @ Amazon.com)

This preventive hair-loss vitamin contains over 20 vitamins, minerals, and herbs to promote hair growth. Sounds great, right? But what the hell does that mean?

Two things, really. Quality hair supplements block the production of DHT, which stops hair loss at the root of the problem. (Read: You won’t lose your hair nearly as quickly.) Hair Maxx does this naturally with saw palmetto and nettle leaf powder, both of which work to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT in the first place.

Then they pile in a host of hair growth vitamins like keratin and biotin to restore hair health and support growth. “Most hair-loss supplements take a biotin supplement and add one or two ingredients,” says Greg Brockert, owner of Smart Nutrition in Simi Valley, Calif. — but not Hair Maxx.