4 Ways to Be More Attractive to Women

jens lindner dP6g1YJWQcA unsplash

You’re a pretty cool guy. So why aren’t women throwing themselves at you?

The more time you spend at home, alone, the more time you have to ponder that question. If you still haven’t figured out the answers, this article will help. We present 4 brutally honest suggestions for how to be more attractive to women:

1. Earn More

Financial security is extremely important to many women. It’s an unfortunate fact that men tend to have higher earning potential than women do; so, frequently, women find themselves dependent on men to be financial providers.

If you’re unemployed or under-employed, don’t be surprised if women ignore you. They may well continue to pass you by until you get a great job or start a lucrative business. 

Usually, the quickest way to make yourself more attractive to women is to maximize your earnings.

2. Dress Well, but Don’t Try Too Hard

Dressing well goes hand-in-hand with being perceived as rich and successful (see #1 above). However, if you want to look rich, it’s a bit trickier than you might think. It isn’t as simple as putting on a bunch of bling.

Truly rich people tend to dress well, but they don’t necessarily overdo it with flashy designer labels. They’ll typically dress in an understated fashion. Their clothes will fit them flawlessly, and might even be custom tailored to suit them. The styles they choose are likely to be made from high quality fabrics. If you’re trying to emulate the affluent, this is the type of look you’ll want to cultivate, too.

Pay attention to your shoes, because some women perceive that your choice of footwear reflects your financial and social status. 

Details tend to be important to women. Steam your clothes with a steamer or press them with a hot iron to remove wrinkles before you put them on. Make sure each garment fits you properly before you wear it out.

3. Get Yourself in Peak Physical Condition

Take an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself how you think women perceive you. Do you look strong? Healthy? Do you need to gain or lose a few pounds or inches?

There are biological reasons that women tend to be attracted to men who look muscular and physically fit. However, science also reveals to us that you don’t need to overdo it, because women tend to perceive men who have attained “moderate muscularity” as being more attractive than men who are either overly muscular or overly scrawny.

So, here’s the main takeaway: Work out, but don’t feel compelled to spend five hours a day at the gym. Or, if working out isn’t your thing, you could take a bit of a shortcut — like having a coolsculpting procedure done to make your body look a bit sleeker.

4. Make Her Laugh

If you ask women to specify what they find attractive in a partner, many will include “sense of humor” on the list of things that they think is appealing. And, indeed, scientific research reveals that having a sense of humor increases a man’s attractiveness to women. Not only that, the researchers in one study found that men who were perceived as being less funny were also deemed to be less attractive to women.

These aren’t the only things that will make you seem appealing to women, but they’re 4 of the most compelling things you can do to be perceived as more attractive. If you aren’t dating as much as you’d like, these are 4 things to work on if you hope to change that situation.