4 Ways To Smell Your Best And Be Confident As A Man

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Staying fragrant doesn’t only apply to women, but as well as to men. They become more attractive if they smell good all day. On the other hand, a man who smells because of the smelly workplace, body odor, wrong cologne, sweaty feet, or bad breath can make people shy away. As a result, a man’s confidence may go down. 

However, some men don’t know that they smell bad. As such, here are ways to keep you fragrant all day: 

1. Find Your Signature Scent 

Finding the best men’s cologne or perfume is quite challenging because there are too many choices out there. However, this complete guide can help you buy the right perfume. One of which is to find your signature scent.  

A signature scent is one that people associate you with. One way to do this is to know what you want in a fragrance.

For instance, if you want to lighten up your serious look, you may want a light citrus cologne. You can go with a Grand Soir dupe (except on hot summer nights) for a more cozy vibe, suitable for going to the bar, date nights, and even some formal dinners. Or, you may want to try a deeper scent if you want to maintain a serious persona.

By knowing your end goal, you can easily pick out the right scent and carry it with confidence. 

2. Watch Your Diet 

While what you eat is what you are, your natural body odor can reflect what you eat as well. If you like to smell good naturally, you need to increase your carotenoid intake. You can find this in vegetables and fruits. Carotenoids aren’t only beneficial to your immune system, but they also have a positive impact on a man’s scent. Yes, you can emit a pleasant smell if you have a balanced and healthy diet!

However, you can have a foul natural scent if you have an unhealthy diet. For instance, you’ll likely smell like a drunkard if you drink too much alcohol. Or, if you like garlic too much, not only will it affect your breath, but your sweat will also smell bad. 

3. Shower Regularly 

Another helpful and effective way to keep you smell good all day is to shower regularly. Don’t combine your perfume with your sweat or other body odor because the combination may smell bad. Instead, hop in the shower first to clean your whole body before splashing your cologne.  

Depending on where you live or the type of activities you do, the number of showers may vary. If you live in places with hot weather, you may need to shower more than once because you may sweat a lot. Or, if you engage in physical activities that make you sweat throughout the day, showering twice may help wash off the smell of your sweat. 

4. Practice Good Oral Hygiene 

Lastly, you should practice good oral hygiene because even if you use the most fragrant cologne out there, people may still shy away from you because your breath doesn’t smell right. Not only that, but if you have poor oral hygiene, you may not have the confidence to smile. It’s because you may need to hide your dental problems, such as gum disease or stained teeth. 

But, when you have good oral hygiene, a healthy mouth will help make your smile look even better. Thus, it’ll positively affect your overall look and smell. That’s why you should regularly brush your teeth, floss, and use a mouthwash. Not only can you prevent oral health problems, but you also keep your breath smelling fresh. Lastly, don’t forget to visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups and cleaning.


Men need to smell good because it can affect how they carry themselves. If you know you smell good, you can confidently interact with other people without worrying about body odors and bad breath. You can achieve this by choosing a cologne to match your personality after taking a shower. You should also consider the food and drinks you take because they stay in the body. Most importantly, you need to practice good oral hygiene to have a fresh breath, which contributes to your overall scent.