5 Awesome Vape Tricks for Beginners


If you vape, chances are you’ve found yourself playing with smoke one too many times. So, why not learn a cool trick or two?

Cigarette smoke can look like a blur or messy. Vape smoke is thicker and smells a lot better. It’s not an expensive hobby and you won’t have to buy anything new. You have all the tools you’ll need in your pocket.

So stop blowing smoke, and start making art with these vape tricks for beginners.

1. The Ghost

When it comes down to easy vape tricks, the first one users tend to learn is The Ghost. You may also hear it go by the Mushroom Cloud or Snap Inhale.

In order to pull this off, you’ll need to take a long drag. Be sure not to inhale, just let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Slowly push out the vapor. Just as it leaves your mouth suck it back in.

Simple enough, right?

2. The Dragon

Now this one is creative. Don’t get me wrong they all, but this one is a bit more theatrical.

You’re going to start by taking the longest drag you can, the longer the better. Like with the previous trick, don’t inhale. Hold in as much vapor as you can.

Quickly push it out through both nostrils and both corners of your mouth. Be sure not to push it out with too much force, that can just make you feel light-headed.

3. The O-Ring

We’re moving on from theatrical to classic, the O-Ring. This easy vape trick will also be a good base to know for other cool vape tricks.

Of course, you’ll need to start with a drag. Keep the vapor in your mouth. Make an “O” shape with your lips, and push it out using your throat.

You’re going to want your tongue to lay flat in order to execute it properly.

4. The French Inhale

Also known as the Irish Waterfall. When it comes to vaping tips and trick this one couldn’t be easier.

Simply take a deep drag and keep the vapor in your mouth. open your mouth and slowly exhale. As you exhale inhale through your nose.

When learning how to vape, it is important to find the best vape juice, this can elevate your experience from okay to amazing each time.

5. The Bane Inhale

You’ll need to take a drag and hold it in your mouth. Slightly just out your lower jaw, making your bottom teeth touch your upper lip. Blow the vapor out and inhale it through your nose.

If you find yourself catching any flack from vaping, just brush them off. Public health officials have conducted numerous studies that show vaping has greatly decreased the number of smokers in England.

Vape Tricks For Beginners

You may not invest a lot of time learning these vape tricks for beginners, but they do take effort to nail down. Once you feel comfortable enough show them off to your friends. 

Make sure you have an extra vape juice handy in case you run out. You find yourself doing tricks more often when at a party or if you’re just bored at home.

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