5 Best Ways to Style a Men’s Peacoat Outfit

For men, the peacoat is an essential item of clothing. Not only is it stylish and versatile, but it also provides warmth when the winter months come around. But how do you style a peacoat outfit?

Let’s take a look at how you can style your peacoat to create an outfit that is chic, comfortable and eye-catching.

Choosing Your Shirt
When styling with a peacoat, your shirt should be simple and clean. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from dress shirts, turtlenecks or graphic tees. For formal occasions, opt for light colors like white or grey. If you are going for more of a casual look, try wearing darker colors like navy blue or black. Avoid busy patterns as they may clash with the texture of your coat.

Picking Your Bottoms
For trousers, chinos are typically seen as the go-to option because of their versatility and classic style. Choose pants that fit properly; if they’re too tight, they won’t look good when paired with your peacoat. You can also wear jeans for more informal events; just make sure they are not too tight and not too baggy—just enough to give you an effortless yet sophisticated look!

Adding Accessories
Accessories can add interest to any outfit and make it stand out from the rest. Try adding a scarf in muted colours such as navy blue or grey to keep it looking neat and stylish; alternatively wear bolder patterns like plaid or tartan if you want something more eye-catching!

A hat is another great way to finish off your ensemble; baseball caps work well with casual outfits while fedoras and trilbys exude elegance with their timeless style. Finally, don’t forget about shoes! Chelsea boots are always a great choice but if you want something even more stylish try incorporating sleek leather loafers into your ensemble for extra sophistication points!

Here are five different looks that will keep you looking sharp during the colder months.

The Classic Look

mens peacoat outfit is to pair it with dark jeans 1

A classic combination for a men’s peacoat outfit is to pair it with dark jeans, a white t-shirt, and brown sneakers. The minimalist look ensures that your focus stays on the coat itself and its unique detailing. If you want to add a bit of texture, try wearing black boots instead of sneakers.

The Business Casual Look

peacoat with grey trousers

If you need something a bit more formal for the office or other occasions, then the business casual look is ideal. Pair your peacoat with grey trousers, a white dress shirt, and brown dress shoes. The contrast between the dark colours of your coat and trousers will draw attention to your outfit while still giving off an air of sophistication and professionalism.

The Dressy Look

navy blue dress pants

For those special occasions where you need to look dapper, then this look fits perfectly with a peacoat. Start by pairing it with navy blue dress pants and a crisp white dress shirt; then finish off the ensemble with black boots or loafers. Add some accessories such as pocket squares or lapel pins if desired to take things up another notch!

The Modern Hipster Look

peacoat with slim fit jeans

If you want something more modern and hipster-esque, then this look may be just what you are after. Start by pairing your peacoat with slim fit jeans in either black or navy blue; then add in a patterned button-down shirt for colour and texture contrast (such as checkered or gingham). Finish off the outfit with leather Chelsea boots for an edgy yet stylish look that will turn heads wherever you go!

The Low-Key Look

pairing your peacoat with dark wash jeans then add in either a plain white t shirt or striped knit sweater

Finally, if all you want is something laidback yet still fashionable then this is perfect for those days when comfort takes precedence over everything else. Start by pairing your peacoat with dark wash jeans; then add in either a plain white t-shirt or striped knit sweater depending on what kind of feel you want to project (casual versus smart casual). Finish off the outfit with either trainers or canvas shoes depending on what kind of environment you’ll be in!

Conclusion: No matter what kind of style you prefer there’s always room to incorporate a men’s peacoat into your wardrobe. Whether it’s for work or play there are plenty of ways to make sure that your coat stands out from the crowd without sacrificing comfort or quality! With these five looks as inspiration you should have no problem finding one that works best for yourself so get out there and start styling!