5 Clothing Items That Provide Optimum Support When You Exercise

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Athletic girl with gym clothes eats salad

Working out – squatting, burpees, lunging, and jumping will all be involved. Your body will be put through an intense workout. Most often, these workouts make you feel uncomfortable if you wear the wrong clothes. You are going to be sweaty and tired. To support your body as you work out, you need the right clothes. Here are some clothing items that provide optimum support when you start exercising.

1.  Sports Bra

Well, if you are a man, you definitely have no use for this. But, if you are a woman, you need to have a good sports bra. There are many things to consider when picking a good sports bra, and it all depends on your body as well. Here are just some guidelines that you can follow to get the right sports bra for you.

  • Encapsulation vs. Compression

Compression bras are recommended for smaller cup sizes ranging from A to B or for low-impact workouts. On the other hand, Encapsulation sports bras are better for larger cup sizes and high-impact workouts to give you support.

  • Wide Straps vs. Racerback Straps

For racerback bras, these usually cinch on your back. Due to this, your bra is anchored closer to your body for higher support. On the other hand, Wide straps are better for people who want more flexibility because they are adjustable.

2.  Dri-Fit Shirts

When you are working out, you will be sweaty and all. Owing to this, you need lighter shirts that will also blend well and help regulate your body temperature. The answer to this is a dri-fit t-shirt with mesh panels.

Dri-fit t-shirts will help you especially when you are running since it is loose and won’t bother you while you’re running. Since it has a mesh area on high heat areas, it will also help with regulating your body temperature. Dri-Fit t-shirts also provide technology for rapid cooling and lighter weight.

3.  Compression Socks

Compression socks are usually used to protect your ankles when you undergo rigorous training. These socks with compression fabric will help your blood circulate more. This means that your blood flow will flow more freely and bring oxygen to your muscles. In addition, compression socks also lessen swelling and pain on your legs.  

This is how compression socks work. They apply pressure to your ankles and legs, which will prevent the flow of your blood going downwards to your feet or laterally to your veins. Instead. It will help you blood flow upwards to your heart.

4.  Gym Leggings

For a comfortable exercise, you need the right pair of leggings. You need something that fits very well, so that you do not need to keep adjusting it while you work out. At the same time, you need leggings that are seamless, so that you can wear it with confidence.

Usually, you have to look for polyester or lycra material so that it will keep you dry despite a lot of perspiration. These materials will make your sweat dry more quickly. If you can’t find anything with polyester or lycra, you can also use wool or bamboo material to avoid too much moisture on your legs.

5.  Sports Rubber Shoes

Since you will be doing a lot of footwork during your workout, you also need a very comfortable pair of shoes, so you will not get any blisters. Some things that you should look out for are ankle collars. Ankle collars will wrap your heel and hold it down in place. When you fit the shoes, it is important to check how the padding fits with the bones on the sides of your ankles.

You also need to check the midsole foam material. These will be very important to cushion the impact whenever you are running. You should look out for the thickness as well. Make sure that it is neither too firm nor too soft.

While the midsole is made to cushion the impact on your soles, you must also pay attention to the heel cushioning. This layer on your shoes was designed to minimize the impact on your heels, which will also bring you more comfort. So, when you try out the shoes, try jumping on it and see if it cushions your heels well.


The right activewear will make all the difference during your workouts. For other materials, it will even make you act faster and lighter. Make sure to get the clothing items listed above for optimum performance when you exercise for an enjoyable experience while you move around.