6 Cocktails Perfecta For Cinco De Mayo

cinco de mayo cocktailWe like several kinds of Mexican beer, and frozen margaritas spewing out of repurposed frogurt machines have their place (for instance, roiling around in your belly the next day whilst giving you an epic hangover). But if you’re having people over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you’d score major puntos if you had other, more unique options. Andale!

6 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Cocktails!


• 2 oz of Tequila Corralejo Silver
• .75 oz sorrel*
• .75 oz lime juice 2 muddled cucumber slices
• 2 dashes angostura
• Shake, serve up, with cucumber wheel garnish

*sorrel: 1 cup of hibiscus tea to 1 cup of white sugar For tea I use: hibiscus leaves, chopped fresh ginger, cinnamon, all spice and habanero.

Recipe: Al Sotack from Jupiter Disco
Tequilla Corralejo photo by Nathan McCarley-O’Neill 


Spice Margarita With Mint#2. SPICY MARGARITA

Margaritas are great, but if you use cheap tequila and a store-bought mix, you’re going to wake up with a crushing hangover and/or in a diabetic coma. Instead, reduce the sugariness and increase the sabor with this picante twist.

• 2 oz. Tanteo jalapeno-infused tequila

• .5 oz. Triple Sec

• .5 oz. Veev acai berry liqueur

• About 8 leaves of fresh muddled mint

• Limeade to taste

Recipe: Steve Calabro